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Pieces of advice for a better Splitweet experience


Here I leave some quick tips that might help you increase your experience with Splitweet. We don't have a manual detailing every aspect of the application (who would read it!) but a quick post has the same effect, here it goes:

Hide your twitter accounts

If you click on the "What are you doing" header you'll hide your accounts selectors, so you have more space for reading. It will remain closed until you click on a button that involves writing or you click the header again.

Hide accounts

Change the preferences by default

You can set some preferences in the "profile" link that you might find useful. E.g: Opening links in new tabs, show Twitter user/full names... have a look. What there is by default it might not be the best choice for your needs.


Read only interesting Tweets

Show to yourself only what you CAN read. Hide your corporative accounts and add their names in the brands' mentions: you'll stay tuned on what's going on without having to read all the updates these accounts are generating... You can always re-add a hidden account by clicking on the link and read from time to time these accounts.

In my case: Despite I have several accounts I only read 3 of them on a daily basis, it is impossible to me to read all the people I follow through splitweet or other big accounts, but I am well aware of what happens through the brands' mentions. Here's a sample:


You don't need a desktop client

Ok, maybe yo do :P but by using Splitweet your Twitter Quota is never reached, because we do the request for you and we don't have any limit (but you do from your machine). Splitweet will look for new tweets and warn you in each account every 90 seconds, and that costs you nothing. Using TwitterFox for instance you can receive updates every 3 minutes the sooner. I have Splitweet opened in a tab all day long, and it really works for me :)

Splitweet has memory

Caution, Splitweet remembers your selected accounts. Do not tweet on the wrong account!

You move!

If you have used Splitweet for a while, sure you can help other users by sharing your experienece through the comments!


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Comments Pieces of advice for a better Splitweet experience

For my trucking company, I would like to have each driver listed by name on my web page that my shippers can click on to find the status of their load. How can I do this?  Do I have to set up individual twitter accounts for each driver first? If so, how are they connected to the main account, kfrisbytrucking?  For instance, for driver Billy Baker, what would his individual user name be and how is it connected to kfrisbytrucking?
Anónimo Anónimo 18/05/2009 at 18:34
How do I search and follow on twitter using splitTweet?
Jay Gelobter Jay Gelobter 18/06/2009 at 10:47
splitweet doesn't work on opera mini ),:
rasya rasya 01/07/2010 at 03:18
I can Follow 1 Twitter Account but not the other one.
Please can you help me?
Thank You.
Rogerliketweety Rogerliketweety 09/07/2010 at 18:52
I love this app - thanks very much for doing it. However, it drives me crazy that the "Load More" button is a real problem. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This is a serious difficulty  because it means that I can't read everyone that I follow, or scroll backward if I haven't checked Twitter for a while. I have had to give up on using the app regularly because of this problem.
JG JG 02/02/2012 at 13:22
Hi, great service thanks, I was wondering how to stop repeated tweets? Each time I refresh the screen on iPad it posts the last tweet and some followers complained! Thanks , Brian
Brian McDowell Brian McDowell 24/10/2012 at 08:59

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