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Splitweet as a Desktop app for Mac, Linux or Windows


223251-128605.jpgIf you are a Mac user, you can run Splitweet as an application using It won't take you more than 2 minutes to configure it, and you'll always have your tweets at hand. With Fluid you can have any website configured as an independent application.


To make it work you only need to download, run it and fill the form as shown in the picture:

If you use a different language other than english, put the subdomain in the address for a quicker access. For instance, if you want Splitweet in Spanish. You can use our ninja as the icon to make it look better (Save this image in your desktop):

Splitweet icon set
PNG (512x512)

And that's all!

If you are a Windows user or Linux user:

There are 2 options: You can do the same using Chrome (win only), but I haven't tested it yet. As a second option, a Splitweet user, Soroush, has reported that Mozilla Prism is doing the same, you can read that in his blog. Download and share your experience to others!


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Comments Splitweet as a Desktop app for Mac, Linux or Windows

Hey, I can see the Splitweet icon I created for Fluid in the screenshot! :-)
I said it on Twitter, I'll just add it here as well: I use Mozilla Prism on Ubuntu Linux to use Splitweet as a standalone app. Works very well! You can even add the icon to it!
I think Prism should work on Windows too. For Mac, I use Fluid!
Installers can be found at < >. I think it's available in the Ubuntu repository as well.
Thanks for your work guys!
Soroush Soroush 26/03/2009 at 20:55
Hi guys - I can get the splitweet to launch within the fluid environment, but when I click on a link it pops open a Firefox browser and loads the resulting page in there - which kinda defeats the purpose. Is this how it is supposed to behave?
Chad Chad 27/03/2009 at 18:47
Hi Chad, look a this:
It's happening to me as well. When a link points out splitweet, my Safari is opened. I am downloadin and try with Prism. It's available for Mac too
[...]n follow the conversation in real time. And, if you are the website-hating app-praising product of current times, they’ve got a desktop application for you thats compatible with Mac, Linux, or Windows. Enjoy!! Share and Enjoy:[...]
[...]that I came across not to long ago its Splitweet. It is a web based manager but you can make it a desktop app using either Fluid (Mac) or Prism (Windows & Linux). I have not tried it yet, I have used Prism to make other apps and it is not that hard. But anyway, I really like Splitweets Dashboard, you have your feed from all your accounts, you have replies on the right and a nice collapsible input area to tweet. Its really easy to pick what account you want to use just by selecting a check box. You can look at just certain ac[...]
[...]version of this product yet, which is a sin, but they said they are working on it already, but if you are a Mac user, apparently there is a Splitweet Client for Mac users. It is clever to wait until a stable version to Linux and Windows. I’m really lazy about services, they offer some sort of solution to Windows and Linux users, but, that’s up to you to use. I’d rather wait their application and use it online, since it is really easy and isn’t messed up. Each account you[...]
I'm testing Splitweet on mac osx, and prism and it works without problems. Thanks guys!
Israel Zuñiga Israel Zuñiga 01/06/2009 at 00:03
Where is the Linux version?
tom tom 04/06/2009 at 21:11
Hey Jo,
Good to see the business has been such a CRUNCHING success. Congratulations!
I can sincerely vouch that, in the 14 days I have been promoting splitweet, my FOLLOWERS have increased EXPONENTIALLY from practically Zer0 to 10,137. In fact, I have made so many new accounts to keep up with affiliate requirements - you see, I offer them 1,000 free followers for each affiliate account - and that has enticed more than O_0 !
Again, would love to say thanks to you and the guys over there,  keep it rolling on and spin out those tweep.
Steve Thom
Steve Thom Steve Thom 24/06/2009 at 13:55
[...]und/article/');">Chrome (win only), but I haven’t tested it yet. As a second option, a Splitweet user, Soroush, has reported that Mozilla Prism is doing the same, you can read that in his blog. Download and share your experience to others![...]
What about Ubuntu users? (Downloads and works fine with Chrome)
Thanks a lot.
essay writer essay writer 20/05/2010 at 16:41
How about Windows ME?
Peruk, Ç&#305;tÇ&#305;t Saçlar Peruk, Ç&#305;tÇ&#305;t Saçlar 04/11/2011 at 14:53
Hello, I use hootsuit for social networks, and so I have always my twits at hand, that advantage has this application?
Thank you!
guiller- franquicias guiller- franquicias 24/02/2012 at 12:18
Splitweet is focused on Twitter only.
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