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Usage of splitweet by languages


Splitweet is online since end-november. These are the top languages used by Splitweet users in one month (about 12.000 visits)

  1. English 63,91%
  2. Spanish 16,71%
  3. Portuguese 4,34%
  4. German 3,72%
  5. French 2,93%
  6. Japanese 1,53%
  7. Catalan 1,34%
  8. Dutch 1,00%
  9. Chinese 0,94%
  10. Italian 0,80%
  11. Hungarian 0,35%
  12. Turkish 0,23%
  13. Korean 0,12%
  14. Polish 0,12%
  15. Swedish 0,12%
  16. Other 1,84%

In bold what we already have. Splitweet is now in 6 languages, and 2 more coming shortly (Portuguese and Italian), although it seems that the natural progression would be the Japanese version... but we still haven't found a translator!

If you are interested in localizating Splitweet to your language, please send an email to translators AT

Happy local-splitweeting!!


Comments Usage of splitweet by languages

I think that I'll use Splitweet.  :-D
Greetings from Macedonia!
DJ DJ 16/12/2008 at 14:47
En la comunidad vasca de twitter -entiendase la que se expresa en euskara- estamos comentando en localizar Splitweet al euskara.
¿Como lo veis?
¿Otro modo de ponernos en contacto?
bai, bye
iPtx iPtx 19/01/2009 at 17:02
hey, how did you counted the languages used, by user preference or by tweet, cause i use english and spanis, and sometimes others
qvixote roux qvixote roux 27/12/2010 at 21:58
If you use we count as Spanish if you use we count English, that simple. Anyway that were numbers of December 2008. Now (entering 2011) Splitweet is used 50% in Japanase.

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